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GORMLESS - suitable for ages 15+


Gormless is Rich's first book of poems, and was originally published in 2020 by Chinbeard Books. It features 46 pages of poems, many of them still featured in Rich's live performances, including The Ballad Of Bloody Nora, Pantalones De Amour (Trousers Of Love), Seven Shades Of Houghmagandy, Three Meals With Roger and the Medieval love poem Thou Art Still A Comely Wench Despite Thy Pox And Plague.


The marvelous Minty B provides 12 fabulous full-colour illustrations.


A percentage from this book will be donated to the ME Association


“Funny.” – Hovis Presley, describing Rich’s comedy to Badly Drawn Boy’s sister (long story).


“Rich Davenport is a brilliant comedian. Genuinely bringing something different to the table and always a big hit with audiences”. - Lee Martin, Director, Gag Reflex Comedy Agency


“Rich Davenport is a terrific performer whose enthusiasm and innate likability shine through. He also has a pleasingly madcap eye on the world and a gift for taking apparently innocuous words…and making them extremely funny.” – Toby Hadoke, Comedian, host with the most at XS Malarkey, Manchester


“I invited Rich to perform at Renewal as I had heard him share his work at an event and couldn't stop laughing!”- Nabeela Ahmed, Renewal, Bradford


"Rich Davenport has played a number of great gigs for me over the years. He brings so many skills and styles into each performance: jokes, puns, comedy poetry and musical mayhem.” -Agraman, Buzz Comedy


Rich Davenport is a comedy poet, stand-up comedian and musician (punk/ska, metal) from Bolton, in the UK. No, he’s never heard of him either. Inspired by Spike Milligan, Ogden Nash, Billy Connolly, John Cooper-Clarke, Robin Williams, Benjamin Zephanaiah, Victoria Wood, Lenny Henry, and by his friend and fellow Boltonian, the late Hovis Presley, Rich has gigged all over the UK, spreading mirth and making loud noises with bands.




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