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Rich Davenport is a stand-up comedian and comedy poet from exotic Bolton, in the North West of England. His unique, uplifting, feelgood style of comedy has been described as “at once down-to-earth and utterly surreal.” (Nick Toczek, 2022)


Interspersing quickfire jokes and off the wall observations with gag-packed poems, songs and impressions, Rich’s energetic performances have found favour with audiences around the UK on both the stand-up comedy circuit and the poetry scene for over 20 years.


From 2011 to 2016, Rich presented a radio show on Total Rock Radio, where his infectious sense of humour helped strike up instant rapports with interviewees from AC/DC to the Monkees.  

In 2020, Rich won Best Local Comedy at the Morecambe Fringe Festival.

He’s performed well-received comedy sets at a diverse range of events, including 2022 appearances at Hawkwind’s annual Hawkfest, and at the Morecambe Poetry Festival on a bill with John Cooper Clarke and Henry Normal. He’s been equally at home with intimate shows in shop-front theatres, pubs and via Zoom.


Rich’s first book of comedy poems, Gormless, was published by Chinbeard Books in 2020. His new book, Horsetrousers, is available now from Blue Gnu Books.


“Rich Davenport is a brilliant comedian.  Genuinely bringing something different to the table and is always a big hit with audiences”. 

 Lee Martin, Director, Gag Reflex Comedy Agency


“Rich Davenport is a terrific performer whose enthusiasm and innate likability shine through. He also has a pleasingly madcap eye on the world and a gift for taking apparently innocuous words and making them extremely funny.”

Toby Hadoke, Comedian, Promoter


“Rich Davenport has played a number of great gigs for me over the years.

 He brings so many skills and styles into each performance: jokes, puns, comedy poetry and musical mayhem. With his warm and chatty style he also makes a very good compere.”

Agraman, Buzz Comedy


“Rich is a hilarious performer and poet, very much in the classic Northern comic mould – a hint of Peter Kay, a touch of Victoria Wood and Henry Normal. Had the audience in the palm of his hand.”  

Kate Fox, Stand-up Poet


“This extraordinary man is a full-force fount of furious funniness. His wild word-world is at once both down-to-earth and utterly surreal. He’s rude, crude and an utter joy.

He’s the amazing Rich Davenport.”

Nick Toczek – Poet, Author


“I invited Rich to perform at Renewal as I had heard him share his work at an event and couldn’t stop laughing!” Nabeela Ahmed, Poet, Renewal, Bradford



Gormless and Horsetrousers are available now from 

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